Frequently Asked Questions

Case manager gives you everything you need to run your cases as a financial planner or financial adviser. Practice Manager is a premium version which gives you access to additional tools that help you run your practice such as regulatory reporting and workflow automation to name just a few.

Yes, you can upgrade any time you like using the settings in the Portal itself. All of your existing data will be retained.

Yes, you can downgrade any time you like using the settings in the Portal itself. All of your existing data will be retained.

We’d recommend you start with the Case Manager version. You can always upgrade to the Practice Manager version later.

The Practice Manager version will give you tools such as automatic revenue reconciliation and adviser statements which you’ll probably want of you are running a team.

Yes, the Case Manager version is free to use.

There really is no catch – the benefits to us is that there are a number of other optional services available on a pay as you play basis, available within the software and which we hope you might like to use, but if not, that’s ok.

You and your clients data is backed up across multiple geographic locations and encrypted with the latest military grade encryption to ensure that everything is protected.

Yes, simply obtain a download of your data and we have services which will assist in uploading your data to the PlanHappy Portal (paid for service).

You’re not, you can come and go as you please.

Just that same stuff that you already have. The PlanHappy Portal is cloud based so you do not need to install any software, simply access it through your web browser. It works on smartphones using Android, Windows and iOS, Tablets, Macs and PC’s.

No, it is for any financial firm that provides advice or planning services. There are some optional Lifestyle Financial Planning reports built in, if you want to use them.

The aim of the PlanHappy Portal is to help you run your business the way you want it to run. You can customise pretty much everything that you need including workflows, communications, calendar events, task threads, automation, colour schemes, forms, client portal etc.

Yes, it is fully configured to work on your mobile, desktop or tablet.

Yes, is has full functionality for recording your regulated transactions and revenue.

Yes, the Practice Manager version has RMAR functionality built in.

It’s an early version of the software that has been through closed beta testing with a select number of firms and is now available to all.

Functionality is released in stages to allow users to fully test it and iron out any issues before the next tranche of functionality is released.

The benefits are that you get early access to the software and participate in its field testing and development. The trade off is that there will still be some minor niggles that show up in full testing that need to be ironed out.