The PlanHappy Portal was born of frustration.

Frustration that the existing systems on the market were old, clunky and expensive. Worse – they didn’t actually do what you wanted them to do.

So, five years ago, we sat down with a black sheet of paper and asked – If we were starting from scratch, how would we like our software to work for us in our financial planning firm?

First, we wanted it cloud based so it could be accessed from anywhere and on any device. And we meant properly accessible on both mobile and tablet.

That meant full functionality, not some scaled down app bolted on as an afterthought.

Next, we wanted it to work for how we did things in our firm. But, we also wanted it to work for every other firm in the way that they wanted it to work. And so customisation was at the heart of all development.

Nothing is ‘hard wired’ – everything is customisable by the user or firm.

We wanted it to be intuitive to users within a financial advice or planning firm – not how someone in the technology industry thinks it should be. So we involved financial planning firms in its design and field tested it with users who are doing the job on the front line.

The ones who know what they need their software to do.

And we listened and built it how they wanted it to be built. That’s why one of the most common bits of feedback we get it ‘It’s obvious that it’s been designed by a financial planner who’s actually done the job’.

Over years we’ve built a great team of in house software developers headed by lead designer Neil Parker. We built the whole framework from scratch to ensure we have full control and freedom to build it how we know it needs to be built. Sure, it takes a bit more time to develop software that way but in our opinion it’s better than building it on top of someone else’s technology and all the limitations and uncertainty that comes with that.

In 2019 our sister IFA firm was paying nearly £70,000 a year in software licence fees to one of the established ‘big players’ for our Case Management System. We replaced that with the PlanHappy Portal in it’s first major test. We can’t lie, we were a little anxious but it went without a hitch and we haven’t looked back.

Since then, its been field tested in ten other financial advisory firms and has now moved to open beta, giving everyone the chance to be part of the journey.

So where next? We’ve achieved the first milestone of developing a fully functional end to end practice and case management system to rival the existing big players in the market.

But that’s just the first step.

Our aim is to continue to develop and push things into the next stages of evolution…so get signed up, get involved, join the community and we’ll tell you all about it 😊