Are you looking for FREE Case Management Software for your financial planning or advice business that will knock your socks off?

If so, then read on…

What is it?

The PlanHappy Portal is a Case Management and Practice Management system for financial advisers and financial planners.

It provides all the functionality that you need to manage your clients, cases and your practice and best of all – the Case Manager version is FREE!

What does it do?

In short, it does everything that you need your Practice & Case Management System to do – check out the features below!

And the best bit – because its been designed by financial planners, it works how you want it to work!

Client Records

Store all your client data including contact details, health, employment and relationships to other records in the system such as partner, employer, Lasting Power of Attorney etc.

Policy Information

Detailed policy information on all types of products – Pensions, savings investments, insurance, mortgages, estate planning documents and much more


View and add events within the intuitive calendar system. Synchronise it to your external outlook, iOS or Gmail calendars. Send automated emails, letters or texts and trigger event related tasks.


Store documents against your client records including pdf’s, word documents, images and videos. Tag & index them for easy searching. Share documents with your clients through the client portal.


Record text, voice and video notes to your client record and build your own forms for collecting information. Dynamic forms allow you to trigger tasks and communications depending on user input.


Create and manage tasks and link notes and documents. Build task threads with workflow logic to fully automate all your business processes.


Create custom reports so you can analyse your data and save as templates for others in your organisation to use.


Record recommendations and fee revenue and reconcile it against your statements and invoices. Produce adviser revenue statements with ease and track your pipeline.

Client Portal

Bespoke client portal that you can personalise to your brand and colour scheme. Share documents, information and tasks with clients and communicate via secure messaging.


Build workflow threads and templates for your business to ensure a consistent process throughout with automated tasks and communications.

Regulatory Reporting

Automated RMAR (Gabriel) return reports.

Teams, Groups & Roles

Organise your users into teams, groups and roles so you can accurately assign workflow tasks and embed your operational structure into the portal.


Synchronise data between your favourite software packages.


Personalise both the main portal and your client portal with your own company branding and colour scheme.

What do I need?

The PlanHappy Portal is a cloud based system that you can access through the web on your PC, Mac, smartphone or tablet. No software to install, it’s with you wherever you are.

How do you guarantee data security?

  • Multi factor authentication that you have the maximum security possible for your clients data.
  • Could based means that no data or is stored on your local device.
  • Military Grade Encryption All uploaded files & documents are stored using AES-256 encryption
  • Multiple Location Storage ensures that your data is placed across multiple geographic locations to prevent any data loss in due to a critical event.
  • Segmented Data means that your data is stored in its own silo, removing any danger of accidental data leaking to other users via software error.
  • Automated backups allow you to restore accidentally deleted data for up to 60 days.
  • Secure data transfer using HTTPS channels for maximum security.
  • Modern Technologies allows the system to take advantage of recent improvements in framework security.

Why is it different?

The PlanHappy Portal revolutionises the financial planner software market and solves the key frustrations many users have.

  • No big monthly licence costs – Case Manager is FREE to use.
  • No onerous contract terms – easy in easy out terms, cancel at any time.
  • Only pay for what you need – Pay as you play means you only pay for the functionality that you want to use, when you want to use it.
  • No data hostage taking! – Export your data easily

How does it work?

PlanHappy is a cloud based system so you can access it via the web on any device from wherever you are.

You can subscribe to the Case Manager version for free, which provides you with all of the essential functionality that you need to manage your clients financial planning cases.

There are additional services available on a pay as you play basis meaning you only pay for what you use.

Upgrading to the Practice Manager version gives you premium features including workflow automation, regulatory reporting and practice management.